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Move To Self-employment

Tue Mar 01 2022
MENTA See Surge in Self-Employment Support 

Historically self-employment has been one of the most resilient parts of the economy and in the changing economic and working landscape this continues to be the case. Currently around 421,000 people are self-employed in the East of England and with recent figures showing that here in the East we currently have the highest unemployment rate in the UK, it seems more people could be considering going down the self employment route. The not for profit business support company MENTA which has offices here in Bury St Edmunds says they have seen a surge in uptake of their free self employment support package. 

The training they provide helps those of us in Norfolk and Suffolk making the move, or even considering it, into self-employment. Being your own boss can sometimes provide a solution to finding yourself without a job but MENTA says it can be very daunting transferring your skills to becoming self-employed, a freelancer or sole trader from being an employee on a company payroll. 

Here at MENTA “We have specific ‘How to start a business’ training packages which are free to access and we are seeing more and more people using them at the moment”. There are big differences between being employed and self-employed. The positives of working for yourself are clear. You get to choose your working hours, your customer base and salary. 
You don’t have to answer to anyone, and you can take your business in any direction you want without having to consult others. However, like everything there are pitfalls to consider. As the sole trader you will be responsible for paperwork and administration. MENTA’s specialist business advisors and trainers offer workshops and 1 to 1 session, as well as self-led learning in how to successfully start out on your own. Ensuring that you have these things under control at the start will help your business succeed.
MENTA CEO, Alex Till says, we have seen a surge in interest in the support programmes as many clients telling us they want to explore a roadmap of change in work-life balance and sign up is up 23% year on year. 

MENTA are now delivering a n extended package of new business and self-employment support and traing. Discover how the package could be helpiong your work and business plans by emailing the team:

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