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Business tools  

We have a range of FREE handy factsheets that are designed for you to use with your business, this resource is designed around what clients often ask for. If you need some advice, don't forget that the team want to help, please email  

MENTA has a range of business training sessions and other products designed for the SME, you will find more of these on the training tab or in the MENTA store

THE MENTA Guide To Marketing

With more than 3.5 billion people online around the world who have daily access to the perfect marketing platform, it’s never been easier to promote and grow your small business - but that also means it’s a lot more competitive.

Although you may not be in a position to hire a full-time marketing manager, this guide will help you create a marketing plan which is a must have in this day and age for any size company. Buy the guide in our store

How to make a podcast

Podcasting is certainly the buzzword right now, and it’s easy to see why. With around 2 million podcasts to choose from on every subject possibly known to humankind. This MENTA download is designed to help you choose your route to podcasting in business. Our media and broadcast expert can help you further  (See our blog)


The MENTA Tricks of Social Media

This FREE handy download from MENTA has some tips and advice that covers consistency when scheduling your posts, but don’t forget that quality over quantity applies as well! Find the full guide to social media, via the MENTA store


Work-Life Balance

The demands of building a successful business (especially in the early days) often means work-life balance takes a back seat. Today, you’re the Sales Rep; tomorrow, the Marketing Specialist; and the day after that, the Finance Director. This FREE download from MENTA is aimed as a helping hand, especially for newer businesses.


How to Build a Website

A website is like a passport – it identifies who you are as a business and offers access to a world of opportunities. This FREE MENTA guide has the key steps for building your new business website:  


Networking for Beginners

A FREE download designed for those new if you’re new to networking, here are our top tips to get started. Networking offers a wealth of benefits; from building a professional community to skill sharing and collaboration.


Bookkeeping for Beginners

Accurate bookkeeping is an essential in business admin, this handy download from MENTA is an overview of what to expect. From rates, to deadlines, this document is designed as a basic guide. Download free of charge.


MENTA Cashflow Information and Tips

We have developed a simple guide for overcoming challenges relating to the impact of Covid-19 on your business’ finances as well as exploring the financial support available to help you through the pandemic. Here you’ll find links to current government support and tips for managing your business cashflow from our advisors. Download free of charge


MENTA Zoom guide

A free guide to making Zoom calls and hosting meetings.

From backgrounds to recording your meeting, if lockdown meant you needed Zoom, this free MENTA guide covers the basics. Until we have face-to-face meetings again, you can Zoom! Download free of charge.

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