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Who do you trust for news?

Fri Jun 10 2022

Only a third of Britons believe social media is trustworthy for news, as the public turn to broadcasters and newspapers for the latest on Covid.

The annual report from Ofcom, the media regulator, on how people in Britain consume their news shows that TV and newspapers have been the most trusted platforms for information on Covid over the past year.

Monthly Top Tip from JournoLink

The best way to drive the reviews that will boost your sales

Reviews and Recommendations have never been more important for driving sales. 9 out of 10 of us now make our buying decisions based on what others say.

The key word though is ‘trusted’. Who do we actually believe?

Think advertising, social media and journalists.

Social media has had its time…now only 1 in 10 see social as valid and truthful. 

Broadcast and Print are the most trusted.  About half of us take what the journalists tell us as validated truth.

Advertising tracks both. Adverts on social are discounted whilst those in the recognised media hit home.

It’s not rocket science, although too many businesses think it is.

The trend towards ‘reviews’ was quite established before the pandemic, but with most of us having to ‘buy on line’ the tendency now is to check out the customer reviews before even looking at product features.

In fact 19 out of 20 of us now make our buying decisions based on trusted third-party reviews and recommendations.

But the big question is what do we mean by ‘trusted’, and which third-parties will give us the best value from their reviews and recommendations. Read more:

Check out the JournoLink blog: The three roads to sales growth through trusted reviews.

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