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Recruitment Checklist for Employers

Wed Nov 10 2021

It’s in the best interest of your company to have a clear recruitment or equality policy so you and your staff can follow the policy as set. If you have a recruitment or equality policy and you want to deviate from it, then you’ll need to be able to justify not following the process set out in the policy.

MENTA Patron Atkins Dellow have complied this quick checklist.

Before you advertise

Check terms of any Equal Opportunities Policy or Recruitment Policy

See whether there is a procedure you should follow. If you decide to deviate from any set procedure, make sure you document and can justify any such change.

Prepare a job description

This should cover:
• The main purpose of the job
• How the position will fit into the structure of your business
• The main tasks and responsibilities of the position
• Any other associated tasks the job holder will need to carry out

Prepare a person specification

This should detail requirements for the job:
• Experience
• Skills
• Knowledge,
• Qualifications
• Abilities
• Behavioural attributes

If you want to, you can split these between those which are “essential” for the job and those which are merely “desirable”.

Check that you can justify the requirements for the position

You need to make sure that you don’t discriminate against any groups of employees. So, for example, can you objectively justify any requirements relating to specific qualifications, working hours or times, travel, age ranges or dress code?

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