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How can co-working space and networking boost your business?

Thu May 13 2021

Whilst Covid put a stop on the likes of many things, from hitching up at the local cafe' with a laptop and hot brew, to popping into your local hairdressers for a regular trim, Covid-19 has taught us the importance of face-to-face connections, both in a personal sense, but also a business one.

Being so far from any actual human interaction, be it loved ones, or business networking and creating lifetime connections with fellow entrepreneurs, has left us all a little blue. If we’re honest, Zoom just isn’t the same…

Unlike Zoom, face-to-face business networking doesn’t rely on your Wifi, nor does it involve the regular buffering and missed conversations. Business networking events offer so much more - they are the perfect space for entrepreneurs to create real connections with like-minded people.

Alongside networking, co-working is another tick on the list of things we want to start doing again!

Business co-working space gives entrepreneurs and SMEs the chance to come together to work collaboratively in an environment which helps small businesses thrive, exp. This co-working space grants everyone the opportunity to network further, plus, be a part of a like-minded community - plus, there’s usually tea and biscuits!

That’s why, MENTA are happy to announce that their co-working space is back open!

The newest co-working space in Suffolk comes with super-fast broadband, a series of private areas for users to meet with clients as well as a Zoom room for those private virtual meetings. Located on King's road in Bury St Edmunds, the new space is in the heart of this historic Suffolk town and the space is managed by the team at MENTA Business Support.

If, like us, you are excited to join a like-minded community of local entrepreneurs and SMEs in business networking events, or a business co-working space, visit Inc’s website for further detail, discover @ Inc. co- working space here

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