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Fri May 07 2021

Reputation is everything in business and many of us will have witnessed those awkward media encounters where the interviewee seems out of their depth and as the saying goes ‘on the ropes’

Politicians making a huge blunder during an election campaign and those misspeaks, as they are often called, are available to view online if you really enjoy the torture!

As someone who has worked in media for most of my adult life, I have witnessed firsthand some shocking interviews, like you perhaps, as a viewer or listener, I have often wanted to cover my face at what some were saying or how they were coming across.

My approach to media training comes from a place of understanding how the media works and putting it bluntly what the media really want from you.

What they don't want, is an induvial that sounds as if they have been media trained, listeners and viewers can soon spot fakery and for me, some media training can create veneers of the real person and lead to mistakes in the broadcast interview.  

My advice includes, knowing your subject (obvious you might think) knowing the audience of the broadcaster, the style of the host or presenter and understanding the restraints of time in any broadcast media.

Knowing what to say and how best you should respond during a media interview is part of the new media training service offered by MENTA business support.

Lockdown has seen many businesspeople being interviewed via the likes of Zoom and while this can be convenient, it can lead to an over confidence when mistakes or ‘misspeaks’ can occur.

My training deliberately includes Zoom interview techniques and yes does include the “where do I look” advice.

Radio and Television media requests come in many differing forms; the media outlet may just want a short reaction from you as a representative of your sector – in radio, these are often known as voicers.

A poorly handled interview really can have a lasting negative association with your brand, and we deliver training that will help boosts confidence and show you how to tackle any awkward questions.

In most media appearances, you come away feeling it was an enjoyable experience, the media outlets I have worked with are professional storytellers and simply interested bringing news to a wider audience.

The media and the exposure it offers your business is good news and you could be missing out by not engaging the media platforms and broadcasters, their audiences and the obvious benefits that can bring to your business awareness and profile.

· Our Training covers:

· What you want as media training should never be off the peg:

· The differing styles of media interview, radio, TV, phone interview, Zoom

· Crisis management = what to do:

· How to present yourself in front of a camera:

The training is ideal for business executives, entrepreneurs, and business teams.

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Nic Pandolfi was named BBC radio presenter of the year twice, received a Radio academy nomination for his series Business talks for BBC radio and has presented TV and radio for more than twenty years. He is UK correspondent for Radio New Zealand and CBS New York

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