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A Podcast of an idea

Thu Apr 15 2021

Podcasting is certainly the buzzword right now, and it’s easy to see why. With around 2 million podcasts to choose from on every subject possibly known to humankind, it really is a world of entertainment and information at your fingertips and ears. And it’s not just the celebrities who are into the podcast scene, it’s businesses who are getting in on the act too.

While podcasts are still new compared to other types of media, in the USA around 80 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners, a figure that’s up from 19 million in 2013, and those figures tell a similar story across the globe.

For listeners, podcasts are a great way of consuming information because of their low-effort accessibility through smartphones and can be listened to while on the go or while relaxing at home. Your podcast should have an engaging host who can be meaningful when talking about subjects with its audience, and over time this should help to create a loyal listening community and a successful platform for your brand.

Businesses wanting to get into podcasting can benefit in multiple ways as it helps to tell their brand or products story; there’s plenty of opportunities to cross promote your podcast across other forms of social media and websites too, which in turn could be customers that in previous years might have been more difficult to reach. You can block websites from showing you pop up ads, and on TV you can fast forward through the commercial breaks so you can head straight back to what you’re watching, but if someone’s engrossed in what you’re telling them about your products and services, it’s less likely they’re going to fast forward.

The podcast scene and world of business are drawing closer together as a new channel for finding customers through informative and engaging audio. So what story is your business going to tell?

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