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Workers of the world are heading to Co-working space in downtown Bury St Edmunds.

Wed Sep 01 2021

When Alex Till, CEO of Suffolk based MENTA business support planned a new style of co-working and meeting space, he may have been forgiven for not including freelancers and employees from Russia, Canada and mainland Europe utilizing the new workspace in his business plans.

Since July this year, @ space, which is located on King’s Road in Bury St Edmunds, has seen an influx of international workers as well as domestic and regional businesspeople. Alex explains “we knew from research that even before COVID and the subsequent lockdowns, people were looking to curtail travel time and reduce associated work expenses. – COVID has accelerated the understanding of what going to work means”

Inc.’s community manager, Suzanne Banks says “users of the workspace are looking for not just a desk, it needs to be a space that encourages connectivity, many enjoyed those early days of lockdown, the freedoms of working from home but after some months, people felt ready to get back to something that had recognizable structure and human connectivity”

During the school’s summer break, we have seen new members whose family are locally based as well as staycation visitors rocking up on King’s Road and needing to conduct business away from their families.

To date, we have seen workers and sole traders as well as freelancers in sectors that include digital development, design, finance, gamers as well as legal professionals chatting over coffee and sharing insight and experience before taking a Zoom call and going about their work schedules said Alex Till

“As someone who grew up locally, I’m proud of the town and the international business that is operating here, our furthest worker would normally be in downtown Hong Kong, some 5918 miles from King’s Road here in Bury St Edmunds. That is some carbon footprint reduction” Suzanne said.

September 9th has Inc. throwing open its doors to local businesspeople wishing to make new business connections through a series of networking events and in October, Inc. is hosting the launch of the West Suffolk Business festival with FREE digital sessions for SME’s and their teams as well as evening talks and events.

Inc. offers workspace and meeting space to members and day users, email Suzanne for more detail.

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