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Mid-life entrepreneurship support offered

Thu Jun 09 2022

New series of mid-life entrepreneurship support offered  


There has been a surge in mid-life entrepreneurship in the UK over the past two years. More than 15% of the UK workforce are self-employed currently.

Being self-employed or a sole trader offers individuals potentially uncapped rewards for their hard work. You can choose your own hours and take your business in whatever direction you choose.

The potential for growth is infinite which can be a very attractive proposition for many of us. Some of us may choose the self-employed route as a way of spending more time with our family, basing our working hours around our family life for example. Some of us may decide we want to work as many hours as possible to ensure maximum growth and fiscal reward.

Self-employment is often seen as a way of affording an individual a work life balance, something that many as they get older value more.

However, this is not always the case. It is important to ensure that you draw a clear line between family time and work time when you become self-employed. If not, you may see yourself losing that all important work life balance as you try to keep your business growing as well as your social and family life buoyant.

Being a sole trader or freelancer gives you a greater sense of autonomy, but you often do not have the same direct level of support or structure that an employee may enjoy.

There are many free business support courses you can access which will help you to address a work life balance when you start up as a sole trader or freelancer.

MENTA business support is delivering expert advice and training across both Norfolk and Suffolk, these free sessions and advice are designed for those who are considering a work change later in life.


Paul Vella from MENTA, based on Hollands Road in Haverhill said “we have run a series of five open events that have given people the opportunity to consider the move to self-employment, ask questions and research the support through grants and business plan services available.

These have been so well attended, people are given the boost to make the move and are given a great start. The self-employment and new business sessions arm people with current marketing approaches, sales tools, business plans and digital skills”   


The range of support is fully funded and those interested in booking a session can email The support is offered across Suffolk and Norfolk with online 1:1 and group events.

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